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7 fresh ideas for indoor workouts

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Are you a fair-weather exerciser? Well, there's no need to let a frightful forecast dampen your fitness pursuits.

One key to staying active — throughout the year — is to have indoor exercise options at the ready.

Weatherproof workouts
If you typically exercise outdoors, it may take some planning to find out-of-the-weather routines that work for you. For safety's sake, be sure to talk with your doctor before significantly increasing your level of physical activity.

Here are some ideas to keep moving — even on the most blustery winter day:

1. Be your own in-home trainer. Hold yourself accountable. Write up a weekly plan of what you'll do — and when. Maybe that's how long you'll trek on your treadmill — and which days you'll do strength-training exercises. Clipboard and whistle optional!

2. Park your bike. If you love to cycle, don't stop. Use a training stand to convert your bike into a stationary model that you can pedal indoors. You might watch your favorite action show and stay revved up as you ride.

3. Hit play. Fitness DVDs can be like having personal trainers at your disposal. Rent a few for variety — and see what you like. Your public library may also have some available. Or, you might start a workout DVD exchange club with friends.

4. Make a deal. Do you avoid joining a gym because you don't want to pay year-round? Some gyms offer month-to-month memberships or deals that include waiving the joining fee.

5. Head for cover. Is walking your activity of choice? You might hit your stride at the nearest shopping mall. Of course, treadmills are a given at most fitness centers — but some have indoor tracks, as well.

6. Follow the leader. How about signing up for a kickboxing, step aerobics or hip-hop dance class? Having a schedule may keep you motivated and on track.

7. Shake and shimmy. Dancing can be a great in-home workout. So you don't bow out early, create a lively playlist that keeps you grooving for a certain goal time. Throw in a few classic calisthenics — jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups — to make it an even better workout.
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Quick tip

Exercise loves company
Encourage a friend to join you for workouts or in a fitness class. You'll keep each other motivated — and amp up the fun factor.

How much activity is right for you?

Most healthy adults should aim for 2.5 hours — or more — of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise a week. And, you need muscle-strengthening activities, too. Add those on two or more days a week.

Pressed for time? Try fitting in 10-minute sessions as your schedule allows.