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Error Message:The Data Extension name for a LookupRows function call is invalid. A Data Extension of this name does not exist. Data Extension Name: Jan2013_HMHB_claims_Opt_Outs Function Call: LookupRows("Jan2013_HMHB_claims_Opt_Outs","GroupID",@AttValueClaims) Parameter Name: DataExtensionName Parameter Ordinal: 1
Description:An unexpected error occurred during the execution of the page.
line 0, column 0
Exception Info:
An error occurred when attempting to parse HtmlEmailBody content for HTML content.
  MemberID: 91370
  JobID: 22170046
  ListID: 1416459
  Content Begins With: %%[
  Set @Publication  = "201301 HMHB"
  Set @PageName     = "Your weight success for life" 

ExactTarget.OMM.InvalidScriptException:  The SET variable value expression is invalid.  See inner exception for detail.
  Script: SET @RowsClaims = LookupRows("Jan2013_HMHB_claims_Opt_Outs","GroupID",@AttValueClaims)
  Variable Name: @RowsClaims
  Index: 255
  ListID: 1416459
Source:  OMMCommon