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Are you doing these things to help prevent a heart attack?

See how you’re doing on key habits for a healthy heart. This fun quiz takes roughly 3 minutes — and you can pick up quick tips too!

What to do next.
Have a heart-to-heart with your doctor about where you stand. Here are a few sample questions you might ask.

Should you be on a statin?
Cholesterol-lowering statin medicines can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. But statins are not right for everyone. Your doctor can help decide if you might benefit from a statin.* It may depend on your age and risk factors, such as whether you:
  • Already have heart or blood vessel problems.
  • Are between 40 and 75 years old and have other heart disease risk factors — such as smoking, diabetes or a family history of heart trouble.
  • Are young and have a very high LDL cholesterol level.
*Check your benefit plan to see what services may be covered.

Sources: American Heart Association; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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